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Spumante Rosè “RoseMari” Extra Dry

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Intriguing, vivacious and palatable are the characteristics of this Spumante Rosé. These qualities outline a valuable wine that has an unforgettable taste. This Spumante Rosè is produced with 100% Pinot Noir grapes according to the Charmat method, with a slow tank fermentation (120-150 days). After that, it stays for a month in the bottle. This slow process leaves a gratifying wine that Francesco Drusian has dedicated to his gentle and determined wife, Maria. The combination of flavouring and elegance makes this Spumante ideal with fish dishes, in particular shellfish. It pairs well also with risotto and white meat.
Colour: bright pink.
Variety: Pinot Nero 100%.
Area of production: hilly area.
Soil type: clayey and calcareous.
Climate: Mediterranean, cool.
Maturation: end of September – beginning
of October.
Vinification: pink. Light pressing of red grapes without maceration on the skins.
Fermentation: long Charmat method.
Serving temperature: 5-7°C / 41-45°F.
Chemical Characteristics
Acidity: 6 g/l
Sulphurdioxide: 80 – 95 mg/l
Free Sulphur dioxide: 10 – 20 mg/l
Alcohol level: 12% vol.
Sugar: 12 – 13 g/l
Pressure: 5 atm.
Ash: 1,10 – 1,50 g/l

  • type af vin: rosè vin

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